Dominions of Aereth

Julians Log - Up to here!

Battle in the sky

The noise was birds, morning songbirds. It is a joy to wake up to a morning in nature, not to be awoken by screams and the sound of battle. I had assumed the goblins would come down and attack us in the night, but they stayed locked away in their mountain, save the ones who flew off to the east on the backs of their bats, up to no good I am sure.

So we had a quick breakfast, gathered our supplies and, lit by the magic of Wailand, headed back into the goblin caves. The dead ogre had started to smell more but was easily bypassed, and now the dead goblins were starting to smell as well. We ventured past the curtain and found a room adorned with primitive magic symbols and illegible scrawl. Past that was a pit to a cold watery room that smelled of death, we did not enter.

So we continued up the caves until we reached a room filled with rotten goods. Presumably these were the spoils from goblin raids. No telling how long the goblins had been living in these caves but the boxes and barrels were still intact though in in bad shape, I would imagine in these conditions grain and perishables would be reduced to dirt in less than a year, so likely the stores were less than that in age. I found an old demonic idol wrapped in a cloth in a recently broken barrel. I thought it best to destroy the evil thing before it could give anyone ideas.

Having found nothing of value in the refuse we continued up to a sturdy iron rung ladder leading to a hatch. Beyond was a fairly unobservant goblin easily dispatched by the quick actions of Magicarp and Sarah before the rest of us climbed the ladder.

Beyond this cave was the edge of the cliff. We were high in the spires now and looking down was a long way to the rocks below. Outside the entrance was a wooden platform and a rope bridge leading up to another larger platform. From our position we could only see the tops of a few crudely crafted huts and hear the sounds of activity above. Magicarp ran up to get the attention of what we assumed was more goblins. As they ran to the edge we managed to pick off a couple, but they quickly retreated. They had expected us of course and had prepaired for our arrival.

As we ran up the battle was truly on. The goblins awaited us in orderly formation. The javelins did damage but did not stop us. Their Shaman attempted to bring down his magic upon us but his skills were primitive and his magics failed. Cheralie did a great deal of damage with her bow and MAgicarp and Sarah faces the goblins bravely with weapons raised. The young priest of Madrah stayed back to support his companions and I stayed back to use my bow to deadly effect. The wizard Wailand played snail and created a slime trail across the large platform and slid into the shaman and his guards.

With the shaman distracted I was able to sink a dagger into his neck and end its life. The others were quickly dispersed and defeated. We had won the battle but were still unsure of the war, many goblins had escaped and we had no idea how many mre there might be.




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