Dominions of Aereth

Julians Log - Dreamtime

The weird world of dogs

It was an unsettling sleep. The goblins still haunted me. Vicious creatures making their strange cries, as they sought our blood and died upon our weapons. I tossed and turned hoping to find some peace in sleep …..

It was a strange world I lived in, weird creatures lived in giant cities of broken buildings. The sky had a strange color and clouds of glowing mist could be seen in the distance. I strode upon a stone road, racked and weathered from centuries of neglect. I spoke with dogs that walked upright like men. We walked past a landscape of bizarre devastation until we were beset by more dogs, these too could walk upright and use magic. They chased us into the forest until we had no choice but to fight them and their leader with his magic sword.

It was a difficult battle and just as …. I awoke to the noise of ….



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