Dominions of Aereth

Julians Log - Assault on the goblin stronghold

Well the first room anyway ...

We entered the cave with murderous intent. We didn't know if the goblins had anything to do with the curse or the objects we were looking for. We honestly didn't even know there were goblins in the cave, but if there was something in there we were going to kill it and take its stuff. 

Luckily the first room was empty. Other than some rock formations and a nice coating of bat guano the place was empty. The wizard had cast a spell of light using the glass pendant I had purchased in Oakhurst. it illuminated the entire room, including a small wide passage near the ceiling and a natural stone stepped passage leading up.

We proceeded up the stepped passage until accosted by a flying cave giant. This one was possibly larger than  the last one we faced. It hurtled down the stairs smashed into the adventurers and flung the two pushing them back and into a pit that opened under Cheralie. As it flew over the pit and into the rest of us we managed to dodge out of the way until it stopped just short of Wailand in the back of the party.

Once stopped it became obvious that it was a large cave giant corpse on ropes and pulleys. Someone knew we were there and was messing with us. We got over the pit and proceeded up to find a group of goblins preparing for battle. It was a difficult fight, but one we emerged from as the victors. It was a difficult battle with nine deadly creatures, and we had suffered many wounds, but no loss of life on our side.

We searched the area and found an sealed crate that drew our attention. As we opened it we heard hissing. Curious as we were we couldn't stop there. Cheralie opened the crate with a crowbar and was rewarded with the sight of an angry lizard, which proceeded to shoot lightning at us, striking all around the crate with an shocking blast. We all attacked the creature and managed to end its threat quickly, but not without further injury. It was an amazing specimen and I placed it in a leather sack for later study.

Wounded and tired we decided to rest before venturing on. Madrah aided us at the request of his devoted priest Aiden, but we were beyond the simple healing of casual prayers. and we needed further rest, even though we had been up for only a few hours. Wailand offered to cast a spell he had heard about once, and when it became evident he was serious I began running for the exit. Apparently it didn't go nearly as bad as I had feared, but I was eventually joined by the whole party outside and we sought a safe place to recuperate. Hopefully any more goblins will know better than to come after us .. for our sake.


…into a what!? What was pushed into! Tell me man! I must know!


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