Priest of Madrah


Madrah (Lord of the Earth and Sky) Greater god, N — Earth, Sky


Madrah (moh-druh), the Lord of the Earth and Sky, Heart-of-Sky, the Mighty Eye, is a greater god of terrestrial life and aerial forces. Though his dominion technically reaches across all Áereth, he was charged by the Triad to oversee the continent and islands that make up the Southlands. Accordingly, he is seen by most natives of that land as the overlord of all gods. The Mighty Eye fathered the demigods Cynhuara and Axaluatl, the immortal rulers of the long-faded Zimalan Empire, and granted divine ascension to the gods of Xulmec. Madrah is powerful but equivocal, his incarnations as numerous as the cultures that worship him. While the humans of Xulmec believe he is the savior of all existence—the only being capable of keeping the Sun from burning the world to ash— the drakon of Ssorlang believe he is a great lord of reptiles preparing the world for serpent rule. Such varying aspects, tenets, and origins of the Lord of the Earth and Sky can be found carved in temple walls throughout the Southlands in the form of simple glyphs and vast, intricate mosaics. Though nearly every thinking creature in the Southlands pays some form of homage to him, few worship Madrah directly, instead worshipping the many spirits, demigods, and divine progenies who serve him.

Those few clerics who venerate Madrah directly, many of whom are druids, are as inscrutable as their god, often found wandering the breadth of the Southlands on an unceasing pilgrimage, like caretakers of his dominion. The faithful of Madrah can be found in many forms: in city streets, garbed in rags and muttering ancient incantations backwards, braving the isles of Dujamar in the raiment of dragonhide armor, or counseling the drakon Emperor in silken robes. Northland theologians are never certain what to make of this elder god, his esoteric ways, or his oracular priests.

The domains Madrah is associated with are Air, Earth, Magic, Travel, and Weather. His favored weapon is the shortspear. The symbol of the Lord of the Earth and Sky varies with every culture in which he is revered.



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