Dominions of Aereth

Julians Log - Wilds Gate

Barony of bat riders

As we readied our mounts to head out from Oakhurst we were waved down by a young traveler. He explained that he was instructed to join us by his master and to lend us the aid of his magical abilities. I was certainly intrigued to have another spell caster in our midst. It might make the task of hiding my skills simpler or possibly more difficult, it would be an interesting challenge.

And so we headed north away from the roads to the wilderness barony of Wilds Gate. With our horses the journey was quick, and we found ourselves on a road beside spiked peaks, passing the time mostly in quiet travel.

Late morning of the fifth day we spotted a wagon headed towards us, the first traveler we had seen since morning. It appeared to be some sort of farmer headed back home after taking his goods to town. We began to approach,but were interrupted by the arrival of three huge muscled flying bats. Upon their backs each held a goblin rider and swooped towards the wagon. Each goblin let fly a harpoon. Luckily only one struck the target and began trying to haul the farmer off the wagon.

We intervened and drove off the bat riders then got the peasant to some local medical practitioner. It seems like carving out a life in the wilderness of the mountainous forest called "The Wilds" has some challenges.

We got to the fortress shortly after that and managed to speak with the local reeve. We informed him we had been asked to come to Wilds gate and remove the curse on the current baron. It was some sort of hereditary curse on the male heir of the barons family line had been cursed since a thief pilfered the 'symbols of rulership' which were predictably a rod, a sword and a crown. Apparently they had been hidden away in the mountains to the north. Over the years other groups had tried to recover the items, but none had ever returned with the goods. The last group being some 15 years ago or so.

So once again we gathered our gear and headed out of town. This time to explore the bat riding goblin infested mountains north of the city. Hopefully that will be the worst that we find.



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