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The Dominion Rules rpg system is being used for this campaign, and the campaign setting choice ended up being the World of Aereth. The World of Aereth is Goodman Games world setting for their original 3e D&D "Dungeon Crawl Classics" run of adventures. In fact, the campaign will likely consist of many of those DCC adventures. I have my own "Beasts of DCC" document that I keep for my conversions of many of the DCC monsters, animals, etc. I'll likely make it available once it gets big enough (say, 100+ beasts…I'm at about 11 or so). 

The World Map can be found at:

The campaign is found on Map #MM_3.

Dominion Rules Additions, Changes, and Tinkering

Dominion Rules v3.1 is the base ( I haven't really changed much, but I did tinker with a few things and I have added some (…and ever-increasing in amount). All of this will be found in the Wiki here. 

[[ Spellcasting Addendum ]]  Crap! "New Page" creation just isn't working for some reason… Here's the basics:

  • Movement Penalty = additional penalty to casting roll
  • Failure = +spell points equal to absolute Movement Penalty
  • Metal Armor or Equivalent = extra -1 to -3 to casting roll, and spell point failure adjustment is doubled.

What I mean by "equivalent" is just that; whatever seems like it really should 'count'. I'm mostly thinking of iron shackles around neck, wrists, waist, ankles, etc…to keep "evil witches" from using their 'evil magic' on the goodly townsfolk who are going to burn the witch at the stake, for example.




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