Dominions of Aereth

Gurt Escapes the Ogre!

"Gots ta go! Gots ta go fastest! Now!"…was all Gurt the goblinoid could think as his feet barely took a step back. His eyes were wide and he felt…what was that feeling? Terror? No, he felt that every day under the cruel hand of Blogg. 'Lookette sheeps, Gurt!', followed by a drunken backhand that always hit. Gurt had learned his lesson about dodging out of the way…that only enraged the fat ogre, so Gurt learned to take his lumps. But this wasn't exactly terror.

Staring at a group of humans, armed ones, some with armor, and at least one vile Witch (Gurt, like a lot of monsters, could sense magic in those who could wield it…the more powerful the caster, the easier it was to sense), he was certain, but he couldn't figure out who. It didn't matter. He needed to run. Now! If the humans were coming out the front entrance, that could only mean that they were either sent by Blogg to kill him, or that they had killed Blogg. And any group of humans that could kill something as massive and strong as Blogg wouldn't break a sweat killing poor Gurt the sheepherder, Gurt the cook, Gurt the punching bag.

Surprised joy! That was the feeling! Gurt had forgotten what being happy felt like, it had been so long. Blogg was…dead? Maybe? Blogg was dead. Blog was DEAD! Finally his feet and legs caught up with the rest of his mind and Gurt spun around and ran like ol Bei'thor himself was after him!

"Gots ta run! Gots ta run! Gots ta run!"…Gurt muttered to himself through pained panting as he lay on the forest floor somewhere miles and miles away. It was night time now, but he was too exhausted to get up. His eyes closed, a smile crept across his mouth, and Gurt the Goblinoid had a good, nights, rest.

Bullies are Bad
Adventure to Skull Top Hill

There is a time to lay low and a time to stand up and use what you know. For a long time I have been trying to lay low, but I hate bullies. When a nearby ogre moved from nuisance to threat the people knew it was time to take action. Few had ever even seen violence. I had seen battle, and i had skills that few could even imagine. I couldn't let this monster victimize this town any longer. And if it brought the villains who killed my master to me then let them come. 

I had heard that there was an old entrance into the hill where the ogre lived, and that within may be hidden ancient secrets and treasures. I met up with other members of the town of Dundraville and we went to meet the bully who was terrorizing the town. Hopefully the drugged wine he had taken the last time had kicked in and this would be a simple task. Perhaps I could get by without revealing my secret.

- Julian, newcomer to Dundraville, 128th, 3200 E.C.

The Peasants are Restless
...stick in the eye, kick in the shin...

The small mountain town of Dundraville has a problem. A problem they had previously dealt with in the form of tribute. A cave giant. He has now upped the taxation, and now demands humans! Something must be done! Some brave townsfolk must have the courage to stand up to him!

…crickets chirping…


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