Humble stable hand, hides a fantastic past.


A young man just under six feet tall. Actually a hansom lad normally covered with dirt and grime and often seen with hay sticking out of his messy dirty blond hair. He takes care of the horses, ponies, donkeys and mules that come through the town at the local inn. Performing the labor few people see the delicate and deft hands shoveling the pens or raking the hay. Most don’t notice the intelligent light brown eyes or the far away look of thinking on things beyond the nearest hills. Working in the sun hauling water and bailing hay had given him a light tan and a healthy frame.


Like most he wears nondescript peasant clothing, a loose shirt and hide pants, though he has a pair of fine gloves and a well tailored coat from somewhere in his past. His boots are worn and patched but were likely once finely crafted leather boots that might be worn by a noble.


The people of the small town simply of Dundraville know him as the local young man who works in the stable. He arrived one day weak and wet during a storm. the local innkeeper took pity on him and allowed him to stay in the stable. When a trader appeared with a wagon and a team of horses he took care of them while the merchant went in for food and shelter from the rain.

He continued to work with the animals and the innkeeper gives him free room and board. sometimes he gets a tip from travelers that pass through

Nobody suspects that the young man was once a magical prodigy learning the arts of magic. A wizard by the name Ruvaris found him sitting by a river, swirling the water and playing with the reflections of light, without touching the surface. He paid the boys father, a local hunter, the price of two cows and a half dozen chickens.

Ruvaris took the boy to a far off land where his wizards tower lay. For years he had many chores for Julian, but he also instructed the boy in the ways of magic. Often he would leave for weeks at a time to perform wizardly deeds. Sometimes he would take the boy with him, but that was seldom.

One time he returned with a great fortune. He informed Julian that he had ended the reign of an evil man. He bought many things and even hired people to cook and clean in the tower, leaving the apprentice to devote time to his magical studies. Often he would say he wasn’t teaching the boy but simply unlocking his innate understanding of magic.

But after a few months mercenaries showed up and killed some of the people at the tower. The wizard reacted by destroying the interlopers. but soon after that another group showed up and demanded the wizard return his stolen loot to the king he took it from. Ruvaris sealed up the tower and told them to go back empty handed lest they face his wrath.

They attacked the next morning. small portable siege engines and dozens of men fought there way to the walls but were repelled by the masters magic. for three days they attacked and retreated, the wizard was given little rest and one night as he was sleeping they found a weakness in the defenses and a single man entered and opened the tower to the hostile force.

Many died making their way to the wizard, and all in the tower were slaughtered, but the wizard his Julian. So the boy saw his master confronted and killed by the dark warrior that led the mercenaries. He was able to escape unnoticed as the looting commenced and the fog rolled in as the morning arrived.

It was three days until he saw the lights of a small town shinning through a strong afternoon storm. He almost passed out after entering the inn. He was given a loaf of warm bread and shown to the stable and given a dry horse blanket. And he has never shown his power to anyone in the small town.


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