Adroit young woman cook & "light-fingered" waitress...


Cheralie (Cher-ah-lee) is a young woman of unassuming beauty. She moves gracefully and seems to be almost floating, her footsteps are so light. She never knew her parents, but a kind-hearted innkeeper named Kirwin Krell took her in the morning that the 7 year old waif showed up at his back door step.

Cheralie doesn’t have a last name, but she took to calling herself “the Amazing” when she was a child. She always won every contest that involved accuracy, quickness, agility, or anything else of the sort. A host of keen senses gave her a ‘slight’ sense of superiority over the other kids. She wasn’t particularly well liked because of it, but she was “the orphan” so the other kids were told to play nice. Kirwin saw her ego growing so he put her to work as a waitress upon her 12th birthday in hopes of teaching her some humility. She did learn humility and when to just smile and keep her mouth shut (most of the time)…and she also learned that she could take “tips” from her customers without them knowing (especially the drunk, rude ones)!

Kirwin discovered this one day, and was none to pleased. As punishment she was moved from being primarily a serving wench to a short-order cook. Pealing potatoes, washing vegitables, dressing chickens, cutting meat, washing dishes, and all that menial stuff. Needless to say, Cheralie was none to happy…even if it did keep her from the towns small jail (and the townsfolks disdain!).

One day an ogre named Blogg came into town, demanding tribute in the form of beer and meat…chickens at first, but then sheep. The townsfolk of Dundraville made a deal with Blogg; food and beer, and he leaves them and travelers on the road alone. This arrangement carried on for almost two years. Cheralie thought of how she could end the evil cave-giants life by secretly following him to his lair at Skulltop Hillock, sneaking in, and slitting his throat after passing out drunk. Or poisoning his food. Or any number of other methods to end Bloggs retched life.

Then it happened. The cave-giant, or “ogre”, demanded more coin, and…people. The townsfolk outright refused such an evil request, and Blogg flew into a rage. Smashing a nearby wagon, swinging his club at any he could reach, he knocked two folks unconscious and scooped up their bodies. The townsfolk had to deal with it…but how? No adventurers were in town, and the ‘town guard’ were nothing more than neighbors who walked the street for an hour just after supper time, smoking pipe weed and chatting about the weather. But something HAD to be done.

Cheralie raised her hand and said she would try to do something. The townsfolk were silent. Then the stablehand, Julian, who also worked at the inn stood up and said he’d go too. And then an acolyte of Madrah, itching to get out and prove his devotion stepped forward as well. Nobody else. A small trio of commoners, of which Cheralie was the first.



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