Sarah Tal

Human ranger, young woman


Sarah is a Caucasian brown-haired young woman in her early twenties with light freckles and clear ice-blue eyes. She is observant, strong, and usually quiet. She is not a silly girl and is usually seen with a very serious look on her face.

She stands about 5’7" and weighs about 160 lbs. Bad weather does not faze this rural lady.

She is in good shape with excellent muscle tone in the arms, shoulders, back and legs. She has pleasing proportions on the chest and bottom. Her stomach is not as muscular at the rest of her. It is a feminine part and she keeps it private.

She has a pretty and friendly smile that she usually only shares with people she is close with, or with a person she wants to get to know personally.

She dresses conservatively and for functionality.

She doesn’t show her chest or cleavage off unless it is really hot outside and the summer time (for air conditioning and temperature control purposes), or unless she is trying to attract someone she likes as a potential mate.


Her Story
Sarah’s mother Jennifer grew up a farmer’s daughter. Her parents met at a fair. After they married they moved into the mountains where Sarah was born. The three of them visited the grandparents once a year. Jennifer died when Sarah was 5 years old, defending Sarah from a hungry wild animal. Sarah managed to help her mother to get into the house after the attack, but her mother made her promise not to leave the house to get help, since the beast was still outside somewhere.

Sarah’s mother died of her injuries just after her father came home from work. As soon as was possible, her dad took her to stay with her god-mother Celleste while he found and slew the beast that killed Jennifer and was a threat to his daughter Sarah. At Jennifer’s funeral service Sarah promised her dead mother that she would grow up strong and learn how to take care of herself.

Her father, Reginald Tal, was an old warrior, bounty hunter, and swordsman. After the accident causing his wife’s death, Reginald finally retired. He raised Sarah as best as he could. They continued the journey to visit grandparents and family annually until she was around 17 years old. Her grandparents passed away before that, when she was around 8 years old. The farm went to her uncle Samuel and his children.

Although she was very close to her father, as Sarah got older and neared puberty, she became very close with Celleste. Celleste had been her mother’s best friend, and was their closest neighbor. Celleste was an archer and hunter. Celleste taught her about womanly things, and proper hygiene for a lady in the wilderness.

She learned the skills she now uses to hunt and track from her father and god-mother. She became proficient at using both a sword and a bow.

Her father Reginald died of natural causes about two years ago because the medics were too far from their rural home and there was nothing that she could do but be with him in his last moments. Her god-mother is getting older now, but is healthy and strong enough to be the caretaker of both or their mountain homesteads. She tends Jennifer’s small vegetable, berry, and herb gardens with love and great care in memory of Sarah’s mother. After her father’s funeral Celeste suggested that Sarah go to a small town and find her own life path.

This is how Sarah came to find herself a young woman in the small community of Dundraville. She pays her god-mother to care for her home while she is away by bringing her supplies when she can, making special effort to make the trip regularly during times of extended bad weather so that Celleste won’t have to.

Sarah is always looking for ways to gain new experience, help others in need, and find her way in the world. Her father had told her stories of adventuring and that idea always appealed to her. She secretly hopes to one day find a strong, caring, and loving husband that she can bring home. She does hope to have her own child one day.

One day after returning from her property in the Mountains she, and a local farmer named Magicarp, learned that Julian, Aiden, and Cheralie had left to deal with the Ogre whom had recently escalated his hold on the town by kidnapping Dayle and Jonas. Dayle was a nice young human waitress at the tavern. Jonas was a gnome who had been traveling through when the Ogre came to town and he was the only one to try to fight. Sarah couldn’t let and adventure like this pass by! Plus, she wanted to help rescue Cheralie’s friend Dayle too.

She and Magicarp joined the other three brave souls who wanted to rid the town of it’s oppressor. The group managed to be triumphant, ending Blogg the Ogre, and Suto the evil Alchemist Wizard. They rescued not only Dayle and Jonas, but the be-spelled Dwarf Derbin and a flock of sheep too! Sarah finally earned her status as an adventurer. She has also gained friends, some silver, and a sheep to give Celleste.

Sarah Tal

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