Dominions of Aereth

Zeroes to Heroes

Celebration Time!

Late at night a trio of the brave group of younglings who decided to rescue their fellow villagers staggered into town. The Merry Riot Inn was somber and quiet, with only one or two villagers still enjoying the warm fire and mead. Kerwin the Innkeeper looked up as the door opened and his heart leapt with joy at the sight of his adopted daughter, Cheralie! Two of her companions, Magicarp and Sarah followed her in. No sign of either Adrian the Acolyte or Julian were to be found. Kerwin feared the worst, both Adrian and Julian were good lads. Kerwin's heart sank at the thought of them both having died in the quest. He didn't know Julian perticularily well, the stablehand kept to himself but he was always quick to help and smile. Fact is, Kerwin had grown quite fond of the boy. 

Quickly, the trio were brought food and drink, and the two others at the inn, Belfas and Veyr added two more logs to the fire and helped the trio with there gear. The tale that the three told was both fascinating and terrifying! Such fell creatures hiding in the dark places so close to town set their hairs at attention, and knowing that both Adrian and Julian opted to stay in such a place was, well, it was something Kerwin had trouble even rationalizing. Brave folk indeed! Who would have guessed that such a small, out of the way little village would hold such bold and valient folk? Kerwin, Belfas and Veyr saw to the three's needs and after the weary group had fallen asleep, began to plot.

The plot was simple: throw a feast in honour of the brave party! It was late into the evening when the rough plans were completed. After the recovery of the towns goods and everyone was safe back at town, the day hence would be known as Angul'Vanheim Morden Day (Day of the Dead Ogre)!

Recovery of the good…and, more importantly, of both Adrian and Julian… was hard work, but without incident. Goods were found to their owners, and coin was placed back into the town coffers. All the work was done. Now it was time to party!

The next day, the first Angul'Vanheim Morden celebration was held, in honour of Cheralie, Adrian, Julian, Magicarp and Sarah. A pig was slaughtered the night before, and now it roasted in a fire pit at the edge of Lake Dundrae at the edge of town. Land was cleared for dancing, games, and relaxation. The townsfolk danced, ate, and drank. They laughed and toasts to numerous to count were made in honour of the Saviors of Dundraville!

The night was loud, but the wee hours of the morning quiet, as everyone had expended their days energy with the revalry. Roosters crowed to nobodies ears, dogs barked only to be yelled at to be quiet. It wasn't until late afternoon when the first signs of life started to show in town. It was quiet the hangover day. One that was well worth it…and well earned!

All hail the Saviors of Dundravill!



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