Dominions of Aereth

Julians Log - Oakhurst


It was an uneventful journey after the encounter with the clown, and I was glad for it. The terror of that we encounter will not soon leave me. But thanks to the piety of Aiden and the intervention of the mighty Madrah, we had managed to survive and learn a lesson.

We arrived in the walled town of Oakhurst a couple days later and we quickly found lodging and began a few days of rest and study. Well mostly study for me, the others seemed interested in wandering the town and engaging the locals. I took time out from my studies to negotiate a somewhat fair price for coin of the realm and haggle our valuables for 5 horses and gear, while buying a bit of gear for myself.

The Spellbook of Suto was filled with interesting magic incantations, mostly dealing with the art of transformation and alchemy. Some other things were in there along with notes on the dark ritual he sought to perform. I tore out the pages detailing the summoning of the demon and burned them after learning what information I could on the demon and ritual. "Know your enemy and know yourself" my master used to say.

Some time far too soon the group was accosted by a citizen looking to lure adventures into some dangerous mission. My companions were only too eager to accept. I feel that we still have a long way to go before we can adorn ourselves with the lofty title of adventures, but I will help if I can. So we set of for the chaotic outpost of Wildsgate. A barons family has fallen under a curse and wishes us to remove it.

Curses are tricky things. There is always a way to end it, but it is seldom easy, and a hereditary curse against a whole noble line will likely be impossible for us to stop. We may however be able to get the dying baron the tools he needs to end the curse, if he is willing to make the effort.

I picked up a few supplies I thought might be useful in the wilderness, and we got our horses and headed farther north to Wilds Gate.



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