A small band of brave, if desperate, commoners band together to save their small community of Dundraville. The tiny mountain village holds no more than about 450 or so folks, harboring no renowned warriors, blessed clerics, or other such professional adventurers. Serving wenches, stablehands, woodcutters, and maybe an acolyte with wanderlust is all that stands between the innocent townsfolk and a vile ogre from the nearby Skulltop Hillock. The world of Aereth has much more in store for these fledgling heroes…just so long as they survive, of course!


This is a campaign set in the fantasy World of Aerth, and we are using the Dominion Rules RPG system (free at www.dominionrules.org). We just started this campaign a few hours ago, so that is why this campaign is so bare. Sit tight…more is a'commin!

Dominions of Aereth

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